Saturday Febuary 28th 541 Mass Ave. Cambridge, MA 8pm - 1am

Mobius presents <3RAGES: A Post-Love Party, featuring five hours of live work by over 30 established and emerging artists.

Animal Hospital Ensemble
Liz Roncka, Yuka Takahashi & Jason Sanford
Emily Beattie
Emile Tobenfeld  (a.k.a Doctor T) Tom Plsek, Randy Pingrey and John Voigt
SHROUD [BATHAUS & Vela Phelan]
Andrea Zampitella 
Leah Cerrelio 
Margaret Bellafiore
Lo Gallucio with John Voigt and Tom Plsek
Anna Wexler & Marie Lalevee
Tom Plsek & Randy Pingrey's trombone sandwiches

This is an all ages event. Valid ID required to purchase alcohol.
About Mobius:
Mobius (est. 1977) is a nonprofit, artist-run organization, whose mission is to generate, shape and test experimental art. The members of the organization believe an effective strategy for supporting this art is to establish grounds that build relationships among fellow artists. Mobius is committed to structuring environments that foster projects incorporating a wide range of disciplines. This approach sets in motion situations where the artist's impact can be seen locally, nationally and internationally. Constructing art initiatives outside accepted frameworks and encouraging animated discourse with the public are fundamental to Mobius.