GRIT: The Urban Landscape
September 12 - November 1, 2014
[Upper & Lower Galleries]
opening reception: Friday, September 12, 2014 5:30 - 7:30pm

The Copley Society of Art (Co|So) is proud to present the national juried exhibition GRIT: The Urban Landscape. Juried by Paul Ha, Director of MIT's List Visual Arts Center, GRIT unveils the raw fabric of the cityscape, delving into the interconnected nature of postmillennial life at its most fundamental level. Here, at the foundation of society, structure and chaos meld into one. GRIT is the examination of this intrinsic platform of the urban landscape.


"In respecting the Copley Society's curatorial vision for GRIT, I decided that these artists in the exhibition met their criteria the best.  The artists chosen convinced me that though the urban area that surrounds, overwhelms, and confronts us each and everyday can be the grit in our lives, that we all can also find moments of unparalleled beauty and solace from that same exact environment.  The exhibition proves that Boston is alive in the arts and that contemporary artists are out there every day using our great city as their inspiration and gives us a different way to look and experience our city."

Abiko, Aquilino, Baker, Belkakis, Bridges, Caemmerer, Campbell, Carland  Cherubini, Choi, Connelly, Cook, Craig, Curran, Czerniejewski, Davis, Fan, Felton  Ferry, Fisher, Flood, Foote, Fortini-Wright, Francis, Giles, Holiday, Holtz & Zadikow  Hoon, Kemler, Kendrick, Krim, Lauric, Lickwar, Marshall, Michals, Peterson, Phelan  Quintana, Stasiorowski, Weiss